Architectural Paintings

This collection shows you visuals of everyday cityscapes in an abstracted way. The artist takes what is there for all to see, then randomizes it by adding what the common eye does not see. There are bits and pieces of places, with things that seem familiar yet interestingly strange and new. In these paintings, there is an amalgamation of locales Teyjah has either lived or travelled in.

The artist’s broad ability to think in design concepts, and then to apply colours, shapes, angles, lines, and layers of emotion, creates architectural paintings that are unusual and evocative. She sees unusual shapes in building structures that others don’t notice, and through her drawing and painting, she brings them to life so others can see how beautiful imperfection can be. The shadows and layers of colour create a feeling about a place. Teyjah’s eye exposes things you wouldn’t notice, and gives us a glimpse into the unknown.

For Teyjah, it’s all about odd shapes, combinations of shapes, and moving different shapes around to create moodiness or a feeling of contentment and a sense of being in the moment. Her paintings show us beauty in simple and less obvious things. She paints to bring happiness and light to people who see her work.

Inspiration for the collection?

“I notice things that most people might not, like the wonkiness of a tree, a fault line in a building, or how shadows cast across a building and create shimmering layers. I tend to find little details that are overlooked, and think in shapes and how they can fit together in a very colourful way.

What story does the collection tell?

“I think it denotes my love of abstract shapes and colour. It’s also indicative of how shapes live through me. I don’t see them like everyone else, I see them more as broken and different. The more wonky and funky, the more I love them. I do not want to represent them realistically.”

Abstracted Greater Vancouver Cityscapes Series

This series of paintings was created through the artist’s reinterpretation of iconic city views throughout the Greater Vancouver area. It is an amalgamation of places that were brought together as fictional cityscapes. These are not fantasy, per se, because the landmarks portrayed in the paintings are real; however, they have been weaved together randomly so they are no longer true to life.

Abstracted Greater Vancouver Cityscapes Series: Granville Skyline, Vancouver Blue Funk, Twilight Rush, Rush Hour, Portses, Outer View, Docks.

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