Landscapes Paintings

This collection features Teyjah’s many adventures and hikes throughout British Columbia and in the American Southwest. It is her attempt to convey to the viewer the sense of a place, and her love of travel and the outdoors. The American Southwest is a region that Teyjah feels particularly passionate about, and this collection is reflective of the way the artist is emotionally attached to this place.

Sometimes the paintings speak to turbulence and mayhem in the scenery, and other times they speak to the colours or textures in nature. In some of the works, she captures a sense of chaos from her view of rock faces and cliffs. At other times, the pieces represent an actual scene and the artist’s memory of her visit. Some of the works of art are abstracted or semi-abstracted. Teyjah will often bring more than one locale together into a painting, creating an entirely re-imagined view of an actual scene.

Inspiration for the collection?

The inspirations come from places seen and experienced during her travels, and also from scenes from her imagination. There is a mood established in each one of the paintings, whether it be in the bend of a tree, the shape of the clouds, or in the turbulence of rushing water. No matter where you come from, there is a familiarity captured that gives you, the viewer, a sense of having been there. Each location brings forth feelings and responses. There is an emotional attachment that is created. These cerebral images could bring back thoughts of pleasure and happiness, an atmosphere of melancholy, a sense of mystery, or an evocative sensation of colour or power. Mood, sensations and some elements of nostalgia are all depicted, stemming from this deep inner knowing. Memories were created there.

What story does the collection tell?

In this collection, the artist speaks to embracing the spirit of solitude, and a sense of soul quietening. There is simply you, solitude and awe-inspiring nature. The artist speaks to you, telling you to relish and seize the passage of time, and really look and feel the places you have been to. Teyjah describes her experience: “emotional attachment develops when we take the time to connect to our first-hand experiences, and this is what we will remember.”

What does the collection say about the artist?

“I love to travel. Painting is my way of expressing the experience of feeling and breathing in a place. I want to capture the moment you are there in a much deeper and meaningful way than just seeing it. Relish and seize the passage of time — far beyond the look of a place, the feel of a place is what will build memories. Because I’m highly sensitive, it is the emotion of the scenery that impresses me.”

Teyjah’s use of photography in her work.

“Photography has influenced me quite a bit. I see through a photographer’s lens. I capture a visual with my camera, but the lens is restrictive, to some extent, as it cannot always identify what is amazing about the landscape. I try to catch the memory in my photographs, so that when it comes to painting the location, my other senses can be reminded of the experience I had. What I draw out through the camera is how it made me feel to be in that setting. That is how I translate my experience in a locale to colour, and ultimately into a painting.”

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