Cave Cacophony


BACK TO PETROGLYPHS COLLECTION PETROGLYPHS Cave Cacophony A dizzying array of Southwestern symbols taken from multiple rock art sites from Arizona, Colorado, California, Utah and, New Mexico. Most symbols such as the coyote, wolf, or dog can have different meanings. For instance, a coyote with its tongue hanging out of its mouth [...]

Seton Creek Site


BACK TO PETROGLYPHS COLLECTION PETROGLYPHS Seton Creek Site This site is found near Seton and Cayoosh Creek in BC. The Seton River is a tributary of the Fraser River in the Canadian province of British Columbia. This site shows the greatest concentration of pictographs in the BC Interior. Most of the pictographs [...]

The Land Seeder


BACK TO PETROGLYPHS COLLECTION PETROGLYPHS The Land Seeder This BC pictogram site is located at the Mara Lake site near Hummingbird Creek. The type of rock is painted on is granite bluff. The main spoken language in the area is Interior Salish. These pictographs are painted in red except for one which is salmon orange. [...]

Equus II


BACK TO PETROGLYPHS COLLECTION PETROGLYPHS Equus II The beauty of this horse lies in its simple rendition of intersecting lines. As opposed to Equus I with its flowing lines, Equus II’s horse seems stockier and more static in stature. Although less ornate than his “Circus Horse” counterpart, his more textural [...]

Equus I


BACK TO PETROGLYPHS COLLECTION PETROGLYPHS Equus I What first impresses us about “Equus I” is the beauty and simplicity of the linework. The artist who created this “Circus Horse” demonstrated his competence and mastery of pigment application and line making the viewer’s eye travel around the amply shaped horse. Using [...]



BACK TO PETROGLYPHS COLLECTION PETROGLYPHS Stealth This painting depicts a hunting scene whereby two hunters attempt to sneak up on a jackal and a baby giraffe. The scene may involve rainmaking, as giraffes are considered to be important rain animals. I love the highly textured creased look created in this [...]

Tall Tale


BACK TO PETROGLYPHS COLLECTION PETROGLYPHS Tall Tale Tall Tale is all about the excitement of the hunt. Hooting and hollering to get the elephant’s attention and then encircling him and bringing him down. There is a brotherhood strategy involved. Tactics and techniques are involved. This is not a simple task with only [...]



BACK TO PETROGLYPHS COLLECTION PETROGLYPHS Duality Duality’s theme has to do with the dual nature of our beings, karma and reincarnation. The mirrored image of a human form represents our dual nature. We all have the potential for good or bad. The spirit above the human form and the calculation [...]



BACK TO PETROGLYPHS COLLECTION PETROGLYPHS Remnants The main theme of this petroglyph has to do with life and death. Two headed animals often represent the birthing process. One head is usually drawn smaller than the other and may represent the invariable head-first appearance of many animals at birth. The two [...]

Ancient Knowledge


BACK TO PETROGLYPHS COLLECTION PETROGLYPHS Ancient Knowledge The painting consists of patterned body anthromorphs (attribution of human characteristics to non-living things, phenomena, spirits, or deities) along the seam line of the paper. Anthropomorphism is strongly associated with art and storytelling where it has ancient roots. Most cultures posses a long-standing [...]

The Ancient Ones


BACK TO PETROGLYPHS COLLECTION PETROGLYPHS The Ancient Ones The theme of this painting has to do with a shaman imparting age-old knowledge regarding agricultural and animal husbandry to a peasant. This printmaking paper was covered with earthy toned acrylic colors then spread with a credit card. Before the paint was [...]

Cambrian I


BACK TO PETROGLYPHS COLLECTION PETROGLYPHS Cambrian I The main theme of Cambrian I has to do with fossils. The small designs represent the remnants of small organisms that existed in a past geological age. I specifically chose these acrylic colors to mimic the color of amber in which these remains [...]

Cambrian II


BACK TO PETROGLYPHS COLLECTION PETROGLYPHS Cambrian II Similar to Cambrian I in that the theme is that of fossils. Many of these symbols derive from an exploration trip to the Green River Basin in Utah. This basin begins at Flaming Gorge in the state’s northeast corner, meanders through Dinosaur National [...]

Time Trackers


BACK TO PETROGLYPHS COLLECTION PETROGLYPHS Time Trackers Time Trackers is all about Zuni and Pueblo myth from the time of Origin. Spiral shapes for these tribes are seen as representing wind, water, creatures associated with water such as serpents, and the travels undertaken by the Zunis as they journey in search of the “Center”. [...]

The Story Of Time


PETROGLYPHS The Story of Time   The story of time is exactly as its title indicates. Its creation was a totally intuitive process which involved my imagining the passage of our time on Earth. This all began when a friend of mine once mentioned a mystical sanskrit word [...]

The Quest


PETROGLYPHS The Quest The thunderbird is of prime importance in this painting. The symbol itself conveys ideas such as indomitable spirit (as it rises from the ashes), transformation and power. The thunderbird is also viewed as an omen of war in many cultures. The figure holding what could [...]