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Semi Abstract Paintings

The Semi-Abstract collection captures some of the places Teyjah has visited, and the interesting and colourful shapes she has seen, or found on those travels. In some cases, the paintings depict themes such as the relationships between men and women, and the juxtaposition of gender viewpoints.

The paintings are colourful with definite compositional structure. There are realistic elements such as ladders, walkways, sails, various playful shapes and of course colour, but they can be interpreted in many different ways.

Inspiration for the collection?

“Inspiration for this collection range in extremes from John Deere farming equipment, to bejeweled bling and gold dust. In some instances, I painted what are usually considered stereotypical feminine or masculine symbols, tools or accessories. I then created defined and sometimes blended lines, and added colours and shapes to the mix. Prior to creating certain pieces, I actually visited farm sites in Chilliwack and Surrey to survey tractors and farming tools and instrumentation. There is definitely a more masculine theme running through this collection.”

What story does the collection tell?

This collection speaks to painting interpretation. You, as the viewer, can “read” the shapes whichever way you wish, even more so than if they were complete abstracts. As Teyjah describes, “There is the power of suggestion without a requirement to see each shape in the same manner as someone else sees it, or as I have created it.”

What story does this collection say about you as an artist?

“This collection of work shows my love of colour, funky and wonky shapes, and in some paintings, my sense of humour. It also expresses my approach to gender balance.”

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