Symbols Collection

This collection showcases the mystery and the evocativeness of symbols. By their very nature, symbols are interpretative, with different cultural belief systems that drive their use and meaning. What has a specific meaning for one culture may be something totally different in another. The interpretation of colour is also symbolic and can affect what we see in an image, how we experience our environment, and how we view works of art.

When we look at symbols we may ask ourselves what do they mean? Another manner in which we can view symbols is to ask ourselves what has been left out? What has been erased, eliminated, excised out of our collective consciousness? What do we know for sure, and what is left unsaid or unheard, or is somehow implicit? We don’t necessarily know or understand what the symbols mean; therefore, we are able to ponder what they could mean.

The pieces are mostly experimental. Different techniques and media were used from printmaking, monoprinting and collage, drawing and gels, acrylic and water media. There is a strong interpretative quality to the work. Textures are also showcased in this collection, whether they are incised, scratched-in or imprinted.

Inspiration for the collection.

This collection, along with the Petroglyph Series, underscores the artist wanting to understand the mystery of ‘why we are here’. What is it that symbols are trying to tell us, especially the ancient ones? How do we, as a world populace, decide and agree to the meaning of specific symbols? What of old world symbols? Is there a universal language? Could there be one answer to all our questions?

What story does the collection tell?

The collection speaks to our collective consciousness as a human race. It represents some of the symbols that have historically been left on paper, woven into tapestry, and etched into pottery that is ancient and forgotten. These symbols also come from languages we speak, and from what is often implied.

The symbols in this collection are sometimes literal, and at other times an abstract interpretation. This creates mystery and begs for us to contemplate the meaning and the feelings behind the symbols. It is the way we seek to answer the very purpose of our being here.

What story does the collection say about the artist?

As an artist, symbols evoke curiosity for me and possibly conjures up forgotten memories, and implies ancient languages and discourses we can no longer figure out. It is also, in a way, painting by omission.”

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